Introducing: Scenarios

Brad Hipps


We’re pleased to announce Scenarios, which allows product and engineering teams to size new work in minutes, using Socratic’s AI-powered intelligent forecast.

Any scenario you create may be based on:

  1. Existing work: you choose from a list of existing objectives/epics, and we deliver the probable total time to complete the objectives/epics you've selected.

  2. New work: you create new objectives/epics, assign an approximate size (personalized to your organization) and choose the project and people who will do the work.

  3. A combination of scenarios (advanced): you sequence previous scenarios to see the total probable time to complete all of them.

You can create as many scenarios as you like, experimenting with scope and resources to find the forecast duration that works for you. Once you're happy with a scenario, you may optionally choose to have Socratic create a plan for you based on that scenario.

Fixes & enhancements

  • Optimized the table/sheet component used throughout the app including: ability to resize columns, drag-drop column reordering, and a more responsive experience.

  • Added the ability to change work-in-progress (WIP) target directly on the Capacity page.

  • Standardized how entity titles (plans, scenarios etc) are changed.

  • Objective groups progress bars and task counts now update without needing refresh.

  • Fixed a bug preventing plan & objective start / end dates from being removed once set.

  • Fixed a bug in which toggling an objective to complete would trigger an error.

  • Repaired visual “hiccups” when moving objectives in plan board view.

  • Fixed a bug that affected adding/removing labels on an objective.

  • Optimized display of pills.

  • Restored missing loading indicators on certain pages.