Agility meets AI

The work intelligence modern teams need, without all the digging. Your AI-powered platform to plan, manage and measure work, with real-time data to guide your decisions to their best result.

Plan smart
Define, prioritize, and plan work. See resource availability and workload. Understand scope impact on forecast. Re-plan at a click.
Activate your epics
Logically group your epics by OKR, PI, release, or any other larger aim. Stop digging and manual reporting; let work and code activity tell the story.
One connected vision
Tired of trying to sync roadmaps with engineering reality? Give all stakeholders a real-time view of how work is moving across company and product objectives.
Progress & forecast
Is scope growing? How much work has been delivered? Are we on track? Answer key questions for any epic, any plan.
Scenario plan with AI.
Get an instant forecast for any new body of work, based on Monte Carlo simulation using historical averages for team speed and throughput.
Manage smart
As your teams work in Jira, Socratic harnesses that work activity to create a single, real-time view into health and progress for any body of work. No querying, no manual rollups, no wasted effort.
Find your flow
See how well work moves from start to finish. Understand speed and efficiency. Eliminate bottlenecks, improve throughput.
A true view of team capacity
Help team members who are over or under capacity, and rebalance workloads in real-time. Reduce overwork and context switching to get more done.
Stop estimating, start shipping
Get projected durations for any body of work, based on your historical actuals, with live forecasts showing anything off-track.
Match investments to priorities.
See the actual distribution of time worked, by person and/or type of work, for any period you choose
Rapidly improve
See how productivity evolves over time. Chart trends and correlations for any period, for any team, location, or type of work. Unlock the insights that drive high performance teams.
Hard questions meet hard data
Are we getting faster or slower? Is efficiency improving? Where did we spend our time? Get answers to these and other key questions with a click.
Measure what matters
Choose answers to a range of questions across demand, planning, and delivery. Pick what matters to you, and compare improvements period over period.
Speak the language of business
Burndowns don't translate to the board room. Demonstrate engineering outcomes with data, in language the business understands.
Code analytics too
With Git integration, Socratic shows how long it takes to review and merge code, as well as merge throughput over time.
Any view you need
Easily create a view of the work that matters to you. See progress and health for any grouping of people or work—or for your organization as a whole.
Get the big picture
Want to track a release whose work is spread across the organization? Choose what you want to see, and instantly surface progress, health, and time to complete.
Insights for distributed teams
Easily create rolled-up views of people into teams or locations, to see workload balance, productivity, progress and flow, specific to those groupings.
Retire your spreadsheets
Find and sort across any body of work, including quick filters to show what needs attention.
Follow and favorite any objective to stay in the loop. Keep easily at hand the views of work that matter to you.
Simple, powerful, secure
Connect to your Jira Cloud instance with just a few clicks. Socratic does the rest. Forecasts, workload distribution, comprehensive trends—it's all there on Day One.
Fits to any framework
Plan and manage work the way you prefer. Lean, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), OKRs… Whatever your model, supercharge it with data.
Superior UX.
Socratic's clean design means less surfing, less clicking, less getting lost in the maze. See what matters at a glance. Keep context. Take action
Boards, sheets, timeline
Frame your work the way you prefer. Boards, for easy prioritization. Sheets, for easy sorting. Timelines, with forecasts, for larger bodies of work.
SOC 2 certified
Industry-leading security standards. Always.