A new kind of
work intelligence

Real insights, faster delivery.

Supercharge your Jira data with AI. Plan, manage and measure work—with data as the difference.

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The intelligence modern teams need, without all the digging.

With Socratic, your daily Jira activity drives productivity insights. Those real-time insights drive better planning and stronger work health. A smarter, simpler, better way to work.

Legacy Program Management

Queries, tool sprawl, and manual roll-ups.

AI-powered Planning and Management

Socratic supercharges Jira and git data with AI, to help teams plan, manage & measure smarter.

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Instant answers for the whole team

Tired of trying to sync roadmaps with engineering reality? Give all stakeholders a real-time view of how work is moving across company and product objectives.

Know when projects will finish.
With an intelligent forecast built from a rich historical record, Socratic takes the guesswork out of due dates.
Spot any work that’s running long, paired with data to get you back on track.
Never estimate again.
Get instant projected durations for any new body of work, driven by AI. Size new work in minutes.
Let us do the math, while you focus on building great product.
Spot what needs attention, and why.
What's trending late? Where are things stuck? Is work slowing?
Instantly see the health of work across any number of teams or projects—or for your organization as a whole.
Get a true view of team capacity.
Who has spare cycles? Who's underwater?
See where lower workloads might mean less churn and context switching, and more work delivered.
See where you spend your time.
Understand where your resource investments go, for any period of time or type of work.
What our customers
are saying
Product and engineering teams are hungry for data that helps them work better. Not more charts and graphs—but prescriptive, actionable intelligence. Socratic is the best I've seen.
Jonathan Rende
SVP and General Manager, PagerDuty
Socratic has been a game changer for us. It's incredibly flexible. No matter how we choose to organize our work and objectives, we can still slice and dice our data however we need it. The built-in Trends feature that lets us see our improvement over time is the cherry on top.
Brett Janssen
CTO, Blue J