Introducing: Allocation

Brad Hipps


Socratic now shows you the distribution of time worked for any period you select—a capability we call Allocation.

Allocation is useful for understanding how worked time aligns to company priorities. It’s also valuable in accounting for software capitalization costs. With Allocation you can see, for any time period, the percentage of time invested by person and type of work (e.g. new development versus bug fix or maintenance).

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Fixes & enhancements

  • Enhanced workstream kanban boards for smoother horizontal scroll on drag-and-drop.

  • Added groupings to the sidebar nav to clarify app capabilities.

  • Improved health card filter actions for more intuitive experience.

  • Performance enhancements to improve app load times.

  • UI enhancements to align to design system.

  • Updated personal trends cycle time so that it includes only worked phase times for that person.

  • Images in task body copy now show a pointer cursor when hovered over.

  • Added a save notification when personal avatar is changed.

  • Fixed inconsistencies in filter icon colors

  • Repaired a bug causing empty board phases to narrow

  • Fixed the appearance of the email field on Add teammates.

  • Fixed off-centered column sorters on My tasks.

  • Fixed a bug in which replying to and mentioning the same person in a comment would generate duplicate notifications.

  • Fixed a 404 error triggered by clicking user avatar in Notifications.