Filter plans by Momentum and Forecast

Brad Hipps


Plan health cards now provide filters for both Momentum and Forecast. This way you can see at a click anything that’s trending late or slowing. These filters can be used together—e.g. you could click both “Down” and “Off Track” to see just objectives whose momentum is slowing and whose forecast is running late.

Fixes & enhancements

  • Added the longest running work phase to the Trends dashboard, to see your top workflow bottleneck at a glance.

  • Enhanced the logic for Momentum, to better account for objective start dates (when present).

  • Objectives may now belong to more than one objective group within a plan. (Go to the Details tab of the objective to add it to other objective groups.)

  • Thickened progress bars throughout the app, for better readability.

  • Upgraded & standardized the drop selects throughout the app for better usability (especially in sheet views).

  • Improved search to be less strictly literal.

  • Restored the ability to bulk archive tasks in backlog.

  • Fixed a bug causing an app crash on submission of a comment.

  • Fixed a typo on the Jira integration error toast.